Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The "News" Media Is Nothing But Hillary's Water Carrier

by Al Benson Jr.

Just yesterday I read an article on http://thehornnews.com  which carried a headline that stated: "RIGGED! Email PROVES media totally corrupt" Now there's a headline I could agree with. After watching the news media (so called) cover events I have been a partaker of for over forty years, I have to totally agree with the headline on the Horn News article. I long ago came to the conclusion that the absolute last thing the "news" media was all about was real news. Lots of folks couldn't quite see that, but the media's performance in prostituting itself before the Alter of St. Hillary in this current election cycle has opened lots of eyes.

The Horn News article continued: "The most recent batch of emails released by WikiLeaks reveals that CNN and The Washington Post were communicating with the Democratic National Convention during the election primaries, filtering them information to use in their reporting. In fact, Democrat insiders were actually writing the questions for interviews and doing newspaper reaearch! These allegedly non-partisan publications clearly had an alternative agenda outside from honest and respectable journalism." The article then shows part of one of the leaked emails that shows this.

And the article noted that: "It's clear the mainstream media has been working with the DNC (Democratic National Committee) and Clinton campaign to shape the political discourse throughout the entire election, focusing on Trump controversies." So, with the Democrats and the "lamestream media" working hand in glove to make Trump look bad, who can honestly say the system wasn't rigged?

What we have finally seen, right out in the open for those who have eyes to see, is "journalists' are are not really journalists at all, but rather  are a group of people on a political mission to help elect Hillary--anyway they have to. They have proven themselves to be nothing more than culturally Marxist political shills--something many of us figured out decades ago. But now it's out in the open!

One commentator on a Fox News interview either yesterday or today accused the media of helping to "drag the old hag staggering across the finish line."

For anyone that doesn't have mush for brains it should be more than obvious that the mainstream media has lost all credibility with ordinary folks. The only ones they may remotely still have credibility with is ultra-liberals, socialists, and communists, and the only reason they have any standing yet, even in such sordid company, is that these groups realize the media can be useful to them in their efforts to destroy the culture of ordinary Americans.

Someone told me in the last couple days that the readership of mainstream propaganda sheets like the New York Times and the Washington Post are way, way down. No one is paying them any attention anymore. The alternative media seems to be where much of the action is because you can still get real news there without the constant leftist slant.

So we have finally reached election day--and the general consensus among many is that Trump will win the election by a landslide but Hillary will end up in the White House because she is the "candidate of choice" of the Bilderbergers, the CFR, and the other One World Government groups. If the Democrats manage to steal the election and enthrone Hillary it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media reports, or spins, that because, in the final analysis, spin is what they are really about, not news.

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