Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Taking a Picture of a Confederate Flag Gets You Suspended From Your Public School For Two Days

by Al Benson Jr.

One of the major places where our next generation is being conditioned to accept the premises of cultural Marxism is the public school campus--and this holds true especially in the South.

An article I read just recently on http://freedomoutpost.com noted that the Ridgeview Middle School, which is part of the Round Rock Independent School District (that's in Texas, folks) has suspended seven students for what they feel is a horrendous crime, almost too terrible to mention. They took pictures of a Confederate flag, some of them selfies--at school no less. Folks, this has to be the crime of the century! Why every public school administrator in the state of Texas should go into immediate shock at the commission of a criminal act of such gigantic proportions. How dare they! This is simply beyond the pale. These students have just gone too far. Should prison sentences be meted out???

Andrew Birdwell, father of one of the students was slightly ticked off. He said the school had no right to suspend his son for two days and that he and his son deserve an apology from the school. But Mr. Birdwell, you just don't understand! You son had his picture taken with a CONFEDERATE FLAG! Do you understand the magnitude of such a crime? Obviously not or you wouldn't be asking for a well-deserved apology. And by the way, don't hold your breath waiting for one!

The school district released a statement, according to the Freedom Outpost article, that said there "were a series of incidents at school involving a group of students posing with a Confederate flag and speaking 'hateful language.' The district would not comment any further..." It's probably a good thing for them they didn't. Turns out that school officials had to admit that Birdwell's son didn't say anything hateful. He and the other students were currently learning "whatever version of Civil War history that school decides to teach its students." I thought that was an astute observation by Freedom Outpost. Seems that they might recognize that "whatever version of Civil War history" is being taught may not be altogether accurate.

The Freedom Outpost article duly noted Mr. Birdwell's reaction. He said "I called up there yesterday asking for a copy of the disciplinary action and (the principal's) was to me that the boys were holding up a Confederate flag and that is a sign of slavery." Really? Who taught the principal that? Did he learn it in teachers' college? Who says it's a sign of slavery--Al Sharpton, Je$$e Jackson, the kids' "history" textbook? Who? The article concluded with this thought: "What do you think these kids will learn from this event?" Interesting question. What will they learn?  What will the other kids in their class learn?  What will they all learn from their school principal?

They'll learn that Confederate flags can get you in trouble, so you are best to avoid them, no matter what they are all about. That's the cultural Marxist "history" lesson that's being taught here.

And what lesson should Anthony Birdwell learn from this "experience?"  He should learn that there is no freedom of thought or expression at public schools and that if his son shows any streak of independence of thought in coming years he will always be in trouble for thinking outside of the cultural Marxist box. Such is not permitted, and those that do will pay the price. Act or think differently from the rest of the sheeple and you will pay the price. I speak from experience.

Cultural Marxism, as practiced in public schools limits your field of thought and endeavor to those areas pre-approved by the cultural Marxist worldview. If you slip those traces you will have problems. He should also learn that, since this is the case, his son would be much better off in a private educational setting where state approved attitudes are not the only thing tolerated and where students can ask honest questions and get honest answers rather than politically correct dogma such as "the Confederate flag is a flag of slavery." No one who has done any real history homework honestly believes that, but if you repeat a lie often enough most folks who won't bother doing the homework will just unthinkingly grab onto it and rattle it off as gospel truth, which it ain't! Doing the homework should be encouraged. This is why Christian and home schooling efforts should be promoted.

If you really want to learn the truth about Confederate history you won't get it in public school, unless you happen to be one of the fortunate few to run across a dedicated history teacher who has been there so long that he has tenure and they can't get rid of him so they have to leave him alone. But you can bet the farm that after he's gone no more real history will be taught there and the person that replaces him will be into "social studies" rather than history.

We in the South (and other places as well) must begin to learn that our history and heritage will not be preserved for the next generation by sending our kids to public schools. That is a lesson for all of us. Let us pray God that enough will learn it to make a difference.

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