Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Spontaneous Demonstrations"--yeah right! Pigs fly, too

by Al Benson Jr.

Following the political scene as I have for years, I have seen commentary on all manner of riots, demonstrations, marches and what-not over the years. The usual case is that what we laughingly refer to as the "news" media leaves far more information out than they give about these events.

Most of them are labeled "spontaneous" demonstrations over whatever the leftist agenda currently lists as the "cause of the day." However, let's don't kid ourselves. These demonstrations are about as spontaneous as Chivington's attack on the Cheyenne village at Sand Creek, Colorado in 1864.

I recall being on the East Coast during the Kent State situation where national guardsmen fired into a crowd of "student" demonstrators and the entire country erupted within a day. I saw students being schooled in how to demonstrate "spontaneously" by their professors and I saw some of that those students did "spontaneously." Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore have not been that much different. The Watts riots back in the 1960s were hardly spontaneous, but lots of thought and planning went into making sure they looked that way to the general public.

I have quoted a couple times, in articles, from a book called The Strawberry Statement--Notes of a College Revolutionary where the author stated, on pages 130-131 how he and other radicals were offered Establishment money to "make a lot of radical commotion" so some in the Ruling Elite can be made to look like centrists while they move to the left. The author of the book, James Simon Kunen, said exactly that. He observed: "We were offered Esso (Rockefeller) money. They wanted us to make a lot of radical commotion so they can look more in the center as they move to the left. I found out at this meeting that Life is doing a five-part article on SDS in the fall. The article is supposed to be favorable, and they want our cooperation. It was obvious to everyone that what Life is trying to do is co-opt us. And I always thought they were trying to sell magazines." No, James, Life, Newsweek, Time and a lot of other publications were about much more than "selling magazines." They, like the government schools, were about leftist propaganda and the befuddlement of the general public with it. Their job is to put the right spin on the news and they do that by telling us only part of the story and omitting what doesn't fit the leftist/Establishment agenda.

I've seen them at work over the years and they are downright devious. Their "reporters" come to write about a certain event and its participants and they basically have their story already written before they even show up. All they have to do is get a few names and then spin those people's comments to make them say what fits the agenda--even if that's not really what they said. They are not there for the truth, they are there to promote the agenda of those who pay them to write half-truths and outright falsehoods. I could give personal examples of some of what I have witnessed in this area but it would take pages!

So now we have riots in Baltimore over the death of a black man. I don't know all the ins and outs of how he died but I have read that he had a rap sheet as long as your arm--mostly drug-related incidents--not that this excuses any police brutality that there may have been but lets face it folks, this guy was no saint! It seems like most of the black people in this incidents who are painted as innocent martyrs have very checkered pasts and yet the media portrays them as being pure as the driven snow.

A good thing to look at in Baltimore, as well as other places, is who starts the riots and demonstrations that end up destroying private property and ruining lives? The news media seldom dwells on this, which is all the more reason people should start checking out what the alternative media has to say about it. Quite often the alternative media reports what the regular "news" media should and doesn't. An article I read just today noted that one of the main troublemakers in Baltimore was an individual who had been part of the New Black Panther Party. Now the regular media had to know that and yet the omitted it entirely and named only one other advocacy group he belonged to. Why not name both? Well, naming the group this person was involved with that had a Marxist background would have given the game away and so the "news" media conveniently left it out.

I recall, during the Kent State affair, seeing boxes and boxes of printed propaganda material in various places where the local college students could have access to it. Some of it was even printed in North Viet Nam and this was during the Viet Nam War. Who do you suppose shipped all this Marxist material to these college kids? No one ever asked that question. Just an ignored fact that wasn't supposed to be dealt with.

In observing these "spontaneous" riots or whatever, start checking out the alternative media to see what it has to say and start trying to ascertain who benefits from these things. It surely isn't the rioters--they're only the cannon fodder for the folks that finance and promote all this-the people that are trying to exert pressure from above (the Ruling Elite) and to do that they are using pressure from below (the leftist radicals) and those caught in the middle between these two pressure points are the Middle Class--and squeezing them and eventually eliminating them is what it's really all about, according to Marx.


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Lord willing, someday maybe folks will begin to realize that none of this stuff happens by accident or coincidence. It's all planned and their "to do" list includes putting down the Christian faith. In the final analysis that's what much of this is all about.