Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will "Frankenstorm" Postpone the Election?

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, some watched the presidential debates, at least as much of them as they could stomach. Some of us watched portions of them via the Internet.

I am no big fan of Mitt Romney. I think history shows that the Republicans are just as much of a problem for the country as the Democrats. That the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission control both major parties is common knowledge to those who follow the political scene, even to those who won't admit such. So you will get their boy no matter who wins this beauty contest we still call a presidential election.

What I think is more important for people to concentrate on is local, county, parish and state elections. Informed people can still have an impact on those.

Anyway, after the debates were over and much of the "news" media claimed that Obama had won the last two debates hands down, Romney started to do much better in many of the polls and he has continued on that upward trend slowly but surely.

Now a little more than a week before the election a good portion of the country is about to be threatened by "Frankenstorm"--the "mother" of all bad weather systems in the US. We have a hurricane that is supposed to ravage the East Coast from the Carolinas up to Maine, a blue norther coming down out of Canada that has dropped temperatures by 30 degrees even in the deep South, and more rain coming up from the Southwest--and all of these weather systems are supposed to collide with one another for weather fun and games.

All of a sudden the news about Romney passing Obama in the polls has disappeared from the front pages of what passes for newspapers, to be replaced with pictures of hurricane-force winds pounding against some old building at the end of a wharf on the East Coast.

What happens if this storm or combination of storms hits just before the election and power is lost in several states, not to be returned for weeks? Will the election be postponed by an announcement from Obama on the nightly "news" broadcast telling us the election will resume when everything gets back to normal, whenever that is?

It all gives Obama such a golden opportunity to look "presidential" while he is informing us that there can be no election for the foreseeable future--however long that might be. Will his "presidential" performance during this storm change any of the poll numbers from what they would otherwise have been?

I listened to an interview on recently in which the interviewer noted that the US government has been able to influence weather patterns since sometime in the late 1960s.

I can't say that is what is going on here, but it does make you wonder just what is going on. But, then, after all, if you can't trust your government...???

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