Monday, October 01, 2012


by Al Benson Jr.

Recently I did an interview on the Spingola Speaks radio show (9/24/12) dealing with the book "Lincoln's Marxists" written by Walter D. Kennedy and myself. You should be able to find this by doing a Google search and you can then listen to the podcast of the show, which was two hours long.

Interviews are interesting, yet sometimes daunting, because you never quite know what you will be asked and someone can always come up with a question that you know almost nothing about even on a subject you have researched. No one can pick up everything to do with a subject even researching it.

I have done a few radio interviews over the years and had a handful of speaking engagements at Southern Heritage events. A polished speaker I am not, so folks don't get a slick, glitzy presentation out of me but they do get facts which I hope they might be able to use and to pass on to others and that's the real reason for doing these things. Our book "Lincoln's Marxists" (Pelican Publishing, Gretna, Louisiana) contains lots of information the history books leave out about the socialist and communist involvement in the War of Northern Aggression, on the Union side.

I did a similar interview about our book about four years ago which, surprisingly, is still on the Internet at

Needless to say, not everyone agrees with our presentation of facts about socialist involvement in the War. The politically correct folks hate this kind of book and they are quick to denounce it or to write book reviews that trash it. I have been told that even a bad book review is better than no book review because some who read the review just may want to check out the book to see why the reviewer thought it was so terrible.

I can recall, years ago, when I went to movies that I would always read the movie reviews in the paper and if the reviewers really panned some movie I would think it must might be worth seeing. I usually enjoyed what the reviewers hated.

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