Thursday, November 25, 2010

TSA--A Groper in Every Garage?

by Al Benson Jr.

There has been much public outcry over the dubious actions of the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) and the way their employees are treating people that are forced to wait in lines when flying so they can all be groped and fondled. Suffice it to say that the groping and fondling policies of the TSA have long since gone beyond the bounds of decency. What any normal sex pervert would be thrown in jail for doing the TSA people get to do, and they get paid for it. I suppose some would say that was nice work if you can get it.

There were calls for a protest to encourage people to refuse to fly for the Thanksgiving holidays and I heard that air travel was down about 12%. While that is not enough, it is a small step in the right direction--and the protest needs to continue to grow. I will probably be branded as a "domestic extremist" for saying that.

And what is the government's response? With the typical federal arrogance we have gotten so used to, Homeland "Security" Secretary Janet Napoleon--excuse me, I meant Napolitano, like her so-called boss, Obama, refuses to listen to public protest. She is now reportedly going ahead with plan to expand the Playboy culture among her employees. She is now talking about the possibility (probability) of naked body scanners for trains, boats, and buses. Should Napolitano get her way you won't have to fly to be sexually assaulted by a government employee, you may be able to enjoy the same experience if you take a train, bus or boat. Just imagine--federally-funded gropers on public transportation--all for the "holy cause" of fighting "terrorism." I mean, who could object to that, right? Shouldn't we be willing to undergo any public humiliation whatever to support opposing "terrorism?"

But, I wonder if "fighting terrorism" is really where it's at.

Frankly, I think one of the main objectives behind this shameful project is to bring the American people to the point where they become conditioned to be publicly humiliated by the government's paid goons. Eventually, they may get to the point where they no longer resist--nice little sheeple who love Big Brother, no matter what he does to them.

According to Napolitano said: "I think the tighter we get on aviation, we have to be also thinking now about going on to mass transit, or to trains or maritime."

Get the picture? Just like Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the patronizing socialists in Washington, in the face of protest, Napolitano will now up the ante and increase what people plainly do not want, because, as a typical socialist mentality, she knows what's best for all of us and we are too stupid to see that!

Her attitude is elitism run rampant. Who knows how far she's like to go with the scenrio--a TSA groper stationed on every city block to check all the passengers and drivers in automobiles--or maybe one stationed outside of every garage that has a car in it How about stationing hordes of them at train stations, bus depots, or even at individual bus stops? What a creative way to boost the already robust economy--more government workers--the kind Hugh Hefner would love!

Unfortunately, unless the American public stands up and protests long and loud, and learns to start picketing the airlines in big numbers, we will get more of this socialist insanity. The fact that George Soros, Obama's puppeteer, owns a ton of stock in the company that makes these naked body scanners wouldn't be any reason for their increased usage would it?

One report I read stated that these scanners will eventually be installed in sports stadiums, at schools, and in malls. But first, "the public must be conditioned to accept their use at airports,..." At sports stadiums? Do they expect the terrorists to hide their bombs in the football??? Not really. It's all an exercise in public docility.

The feds want you to learn to line up as sheep to be sheared so they can enrich their friends while keeping you under their jackboot.

Where is that old spirit of independence that was so strong in the founders of this country? Why, thanks to 150 years of government "education" (brainwashing) in public schools, that has all been educated out of us. All that's left now is the overweening desire for safety instead of liberty.

As a man said years ago "Maybe we deserve what we permit."

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