Saturday, March 20, 2010

Demonic Deals in the Land of Transparency--Health Care and all that

by Al Benson Jr.

I've been watching political activity in Sodom on the Potomac for quite a few years now. In all that time, never have I seen such a prolonged and frantic effort to get legislation passed as has been displayed over this current "health care" charade.

The thrust and drive to get this thing passed almost seems demonic. It truly seems as if Obama and the congressional leadership (all socialists) are suffering under some sort of possession in their obsession to get this thing done. They will say anything, promise anything, and do anything, no matter how sleazy or backhanded, to get this bill passed.

If Obamacare is the wonderful piece of legislation the White House has told us it is, we must ask why they have to vote on it late on Sunday evening and why they have to pursue wavering congressmen with arm-twisting tactics or promise them the moon to get them to vote for this. If it's such an outstanding bill, why not vote for it in the daylight--and if it's that great, why aren't congressmen standing in line waiting to cast their votes for it instead of looking for ways to support it without their constituents back home knowing about it? Many of those who secretly support it will tell you they don't. They are afraid of the backlash next November because they know the vast majority of the public doesn't want this thing.

According to one source " no one's surprise, they are going to use the unconstitutional legislative maneuver nicknamed 'the Slaughter House Rule' to pass the Senate bill by simply 'deeming' it so. Nancy Pelosi said 'We will do whatever is necessary to pass a health care bill'." And you had better believe that. The fact that the public at large doesn't want this thing matters to her not at all. As far as she is concerned--the public be damned--she knows better than we do what is "good" for us.

It has to be painfully obvious here that the will of the voters doesn't matter one whit. The current Marxist regime is going to do what it wants to do (or what someone behind the scenes has told it to do) regardless of the concerns of most Americans. Our opinions do not matter to these people. Their own agenda is all important. Anyone still thinking that we have representative government in this country is whistling Yankee Doodle!

My friend, MacDonald King Aston, recently posted an article on his website entitled "Yankee Demons?" It was thought-provoking. Mac asked a couple questions that I've not seen asked before. He said: "What makes the so-called 'far left' different? I meant physically. What is it about, for example, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bill Maher, Sean Penn, Tom Hanks, and Obongo himself, that makes one uneasy?...And then it struck me. The face. The face? Well, what do all the above have in common? Twitching, ever-moving faces, eyes which never rest, hands abuzz (Pelosi). All the signs of what we weakly call possession."

Mac continued: "And all of them have what Malachi Martin, the expert on demonology, calls a 'craven fear of and hatred for Jesus.' Interesting. But, then too, all whom I listed are Yankees. (Not that all Northern folk are Yankees. And, yes, Nevada's a Yankee state.)"

Mac mentions the most "identifying traits" of demons--servility. "They are bound to whom they serve, and nothing else, nothing, matters, certainly not 'the good of the people' or the abstract 'Constitution'."

Although I have never thought of it (and those people) in quite those terms, you have to admit that the Obama/Pelosi/Reid devotion to this so-called health care bill, no matter what, at least appears to be more than obsessive on their part. I had just put it all down to their slavish desire to the principles of Marxism, and it is no doubt that, but is it even more? A question to ponder.

All I can recommend in this instance is to contact your congresspersons and let them know, straight up, that if they vote for this monstrosity that you will do everything legally in your power to defeat them in the next election. If enough people take the trouble to do this, it may scare a few of the "mugwumps" among them into voting NO. You will probably have to call their offices or at the least send emails or faxes, because they really don't want to hear from you. Do it anyway. And, for any among you that don't know what a Mugwump is--it's a politician who sits on the fence with his mug on one side and his wump on the other.

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