Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Palin--You Have To Wonder ?

by Al Benson Jr.

You have to wonder about Sarah Palin. Is she really a patriotic conservative or just one more in a long line of "business as usual" Republcans?

She just spoke at the big Tea Party rally in Nashville, Tennessee. Supposedly she got a fee of $100,000 for her appearance there. That's a bit more expansive than giving a speech somewhere and having the sponsors pick up your dinner tab.

While in Nashville, she mentioned that she would consider running for president in 2012, and that she was going to Texas to campaign for Gov. Rick Perry after she departed Nashville. Interesting. The governor's race in Texas is also interesting. There is a viable candidate in that race, Debra Medina, that the Tea Parties in Texas have been supporting. I don't know how she is doing in that race, but it seems that Gov. Perry wants to sidestep any debates in Texas that Medina appears at. It seems that he does not wish to debate Debra Medina. Why???

In the last presidential election the establishment Republicans managed to shut Ron Paul out of most of the presidential debates so the quick-tempered John McCain would be there alone to fumble the ball so Obama could pick it up and run with it. Without the presence of Ron Paul the presidential debates were the typical establishment dog and pony show. I'm sure the debates between the gubernatorial candidates in Texas without input from Debra Medina will amount to the same thing.

So,if the Tea Parties in Texas have endorsed Debra Medina, why is Sarah Palin, who just spoke at a Tea Party event in Nashville, going to Texas to help out Gov. Perry when she should be going to help Debra Medina?

Is this yet another case of trying to fool people so they end up voting for the phony "conservative" instead of the real one? That little trick has worked well in the past, so why not now? How often have patriotic Americans been gulled into voting for some phony instead of the real thing?

Sarah Palin is an attractive lady. So how many people will be fooled into voting for whoever she endorses and supports by letting their hearts rule where their heads should?

If she is what she claims to be, why will she be campaigning for someone other than the person the Tea Party folks have supported?

And, is it also possible that the "business as usual" Republicans, who are really no different than the "business as usual" Democrats, are trying to co-opt the Tea Party Movement and turn it into something they can use for their own purposes? I guess inquiring minds would like to know.


Enable Love said...

Sarah Palin is lightweight. She is not the real deal. Debra Medina is the real deal.

Al Benson Jr. said...

I don't disagree at all. That was one reason I wrote the article. If you can, please pass it along to anyone you know in Texas.

Al Benson Jr.

Judy said...

Sarah Palin is an absolute fraud. She supported the Bankster Bailout bill and was praised by the global governance organization, Global Solutions, for advocating for ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty while Gov. of Alaska. Also, she got her foreign policy indoctrination from UN lover Henry Kissinger. The You Betcha Queen is also a total moron.

Dave Levine said...

Al, the GOP (thru Palin) has already co-opted the Tea Party movement! The larger Independent groups are in a loose coalition behind but they have no money. The GOP has the money to put on these lavish events. The Tea Party conservatives haven't done anything meeting-wise since the September March on D.C. If you read the conservative blogs, commentaries are already being posted deriding Judson Phillips and the "convention" and showing anger over Palin's endorsement and campaigning for McCain and Perry over Hayworth and Medina.

Judy said...

The first rule of politics is that we are all useful idiots unto one another. Palin just endorsed Rand Paul for the KY Senate and yes she's an opportunist who is seeing which way the wind is blowing. I don't trust her but a lot of folks think she's the real deal.

Tea Party events are still a good place to meet folks and spread the truth.

John said...

What's wrong with Rick Perry? I thought he seemed like a pretty steady conservative and was bold enough to remind President Obama of the right states are to constitutionally enjoy of secession from the union.

I just fear that while many of the establishment republicans were not willing enough to listen to Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential Election perhaps we need to be thoroughly sure that Governor Perry is "one of them" before we line up to oppose him. Politics being the art of the possible we do need to choose our battles wisely and sometimes compromise is necessary, and that is compromise not to be confused with appeasement.

Enable Love said...

The problem with that is our nation is in peril. The masses have been indoctrinated in an socialistic paradigm. Both Democrats & Republicans are mired in this paradigm. We need someone who will direct Texas towards reclaiming our Liberty. Rick Perry has had enough time in office for me to know he is part of the status quo. Debra Medina on the other hand will be a voice for States Rights. People need to be reacquainted with the 10th Amendment. Texas can lead by example. Texas and her people might be the only ones with the gumption to put the federal government in it's place.

Judy said...

Medina is the only choice for Texas and liberty lovers.

Vote Debra Medina for Governor of Texas

Vote for Debra Medina because she is the best choice for Governor of the Great State of Texas. She’s the most pro-life, pro-parental rights and pro-family candidate in the race. Debra Medina is 100% committed to guarantying that Texans have the liberty to be the freest and most prosperous folks in America. Texas should be showing the rest of America how freedom really does work .

Debra Medina on the Issues:
1. Texans must not compromise and must not surrender their right to keep and bear arms. We must not only nullify federal laws that threaten that right but encourage citizens to be, as Madison encouraged, “trained to arms, as that is the best and most natural defense of a free country.””
2. Eliminate property tax: We must eliminate property tax in Texas. We can fund necessary government services more efficiently and fairly using a broader based sales tax. Eliminating property tax and deriving that revenue from a sales tax will mean a $3 billion increase in net personal income in Texas and will add 125,000-175,000 new jobs.
3. Secure our border: Texas must promote healthy immigration and trade through the legal ports of entry. We cannot wait on Washington D.C. to act. As governor I will make addressing illegal immigration and promoting sovereignty a top priority.
4. The business margins tax, high property taxes, over-regulation, and increased government spending harm the economy and enslave the people. Providing government services at the local level and reducing the spending at the state level will create a magnet for business and strengthen the economy of the state. As Governor, I will fight to end the business margins tax. This tax is a backdoor income tax.
5. Dominion over ourselves, our private property, and the fruits of our labor is essential to liberty. Property in all its forms must be protected and property taxes must be eliminated. As Governor I will fight state agencies who abuse the power of eminent domain to wrongfully seize property.
6. Pro-Life Period. Life begins at conception and concludes at natural death.
7. We Texans should be free to make our own decisions concerning healthcare for our families. Government interference in the medical industry increases medical costs and lowers the quality of healthcare. We must eliminate state mandates and promote a free market for healthcare in order to offer the best medical services to the most people.
Rick Perry’s appalling anti-liberty blunders during his 9 years at the helm strike at core Texas values.
1. Fought to reduce parental rights and implemented United Nations global governance education in Texas schools. The FDLS raid was the biggest child kidnapping scheme in American history.
2. Arrogantly issued an Executive Order requiring Texas schools girls to be inoculated with the deadly and controversial HPV vaccine while taking political contributions from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. For Rick Perry, money trumps life.
3. Perry’s supports the fascist marriage of big business and big government when it comes to privatizing Texas roads. It’s all about privatized profits at public expense and putting Texans financially on the hook for transportation bonds that enrich Wall Street Banksters and foreign toll road operators.
4. Perry’s Business Margins Tax is the most draconian of taxes. It taxes gross receipts and a business could lose money and still owe Texas taxes. Perry got exemptions for his pals and special interest campaign contributors.
5. Rick Perry tripled Texas debt.
6. Rick Perry’s scandal ridden Enterprise Fund is nothing more than a taxpayer funded slush fund to reward politically connected insiders.

Al Benson Jr. said...

I live next door in Louisiana, but Ive heard enough comments from Texans I know that feel Debra Medina is the real states rights candidate. I have friends in North Texas that follow politics and they have told me that "Perry is a disaster." Like a lot of politicians he talks good, says the right things, but what does he do. Lincoln said all the right things too, but he was also a disaster, a supporter of socialists and an admirer of Karl Marx.

That Palin is in Texas to work for Perry when the Tea Party folks Ive heard from in Texas are all supporting Medina speaks volumes about where she's really at.

Al Benson

Judy said...

Medina is the real thing so tell all your Texas friends to vote for her! Perry and KBH are sellouts and liars.

Al Benson Jr. said...

I have already told my Texas friends that she's the one to vote for. I noticed in your list of things Medina wants to do is her elimination of the property tax in Texas. I agree with her 100% on that. The premise of the property tax, although they will never admit it, is that the county, state, or whoever, really owns all the property and that you merely rent it when you pay property taxes. Oh your name may be on the deed, but try not paying your property tax for a couple years and you will find out who really owns the property. Who can take it away from you if you don't pay the yearly "rent" for it is who really owns it.

I have some friends in North Texas who have told me that "Perry is a disaster." He's the perfect example of a slick-talking politician that is good enough to say one thing, do the opposite, and get away with it. Abraham Lincoln did the same thing--spoke piously and acted dictatorially and most people never caught on, even today. Lincoln was a huge centralizer who had socialists for friends and was an admirer of Karl Marx.

Al Benson

Judy said...

On the benefits of ending property taxes in Texas.