Sunday, August 02, 2009


by Daniel Benson

Once upon a time
In a not-so-distant land
Our fathers set out to make a difference.

Secession was their plan
To stay away from what we see today
And to make this our own good land.

Federal government said "Heck, no,
We're not about to let you go.
We'll invade to keep you here!"

When it was done
And they had won,
They changed their ideal.

So, slaves to them, we all should bow
And government seeks to oppress us now
And keep us while they can.

But stop and listen to their words,
Look at the banner they choose to unfurl
To make government slaves of each boy and girl.

No longer will you have a home,
Government says IT now will own
And fathers and mothers all will groan.

So, to be said, when they are done,
Away from this we'll want to run!
Wake up America, it won't be fun.

Socialist Obama is here you know,
To possess us all as we grow
From newborn babes to grown adults.

Smell the fear within our hearts.
Watch the falsehood of his charts.
Listen not to what he says, but watch his deeds instead!

Reprinted from The Copperhead Chronicle
Second Quarter AD 2009

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