Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Southern Baptists Cave In To Cultural Marxists--so what else is new?

by Al Benson Jr.

Well, on the issue of the Southern Baptist Convention caving in to the cultural Marxists regarding the Confederate flag I can't say that I am at all happy about it, but on the other hand neither am I overly surprised. Most churches today don't even begin to recognize cultural Marxism for what it is--Marxism taken to a whole new level, and what's more, most couldn't care less. As long as they can conduct some sort of a service on Sunday morning they don't much worry about the rest of it.

The Russian Orthodox Church in the Soviet Union conducted morning services through most of the time the Communists remained in apparent power and the church hierarchy was loaded with KGB agents who made sure that the Sunday faithful were fed the Party line. They may have been thoroughly propagandized each week, but they did have their Sunday service, if such it could be called.

I often wonder, after a few of the churches we've attended over the years, how much difference there really is. When it comes to what happens out in the world most Christians are totally naive, couldn't care less, and are happy to have it so. No real responsibility for the culture that way except to complain when it gets so anti-Christian they can't stand it anymore. That they might have done something to prevent that never once occurs to them. Churches in this country have been feeding on the tainted bread of cultural Marxism since the end of the War of Northern Aggression and the task of the cultural Marxists in the seminaries and among the clergy has been to make sure they learned to like it. They have mostly succeeded.  And so the decision of the SBC regarding the Confederate battle flag comes as no real surprise. I would have been pleasantly surprised had they voted to leave it alone, but in my heart of hearts I guess I realized that would not happen.

An article in The Dallas Morning News  by Hannah Wise, on June 14th, said: "The Confederate battle flag is a symbol of racism that should not be used, Southern Baptists declared in a resolution approved Tuesday at their national meeting." The original proposal did stir some debate and prompted one call for the withdrawal of the proposal, but that wasn't going to happen. A milder version was floated later on and according to the Morning News it was "...not as strongly worded as the original and calls for Christians to 'discontinue' the flag's display." So the SBC calls for Christians to "discontinue the flag's display." Let them speak for themselves. Whatever Confederate flags I have, and I have several, will not be taken down to satisfy the whims of the cultural Marxist crowd that has as its agenda the total destruction of all Southern, Confederate, and Christian culture, and those Christians that give in to them in the name of "inclusiveness" are helping to seal the destruction of their culture and that of their children and grandchildren. And they will live to regret it someday, but by the time they wake up and realize what they have done it may well be way too late and they will discover that they have sold their heritage for a mess of socialist pottage which quite frankly, turns the stomach and sickens the soul.

I recall, years ago now, that I read where Richard Land, one of the leaders in the SBC at that time had been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the premier One World Government organization in this country. I have often wondered if what Mr. Land did as a member of the CFR had any effect on his denominational affiliation and its program. You all be the judges of that.

I can't speak for others, but if I belonged to the SBC I would seriously think of looking for another church, one that was willing to leave the symbols of my culture alone--most especially when those symbols have their foundation in Christianity. One has to wonder, given the intellectual and historic softness so apparent in most churches today, when some cultural Marxist person or group will come along and, with a little persuasive language, get Christians to denounce the cross of Christ because of its "non-inclusiveness" in the society around it.


Mike Tuggle said...

Sadly, Cultural Marxism has replaced Christianity in many churches.

Al Benson Jr. said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

David Reif said...

Richard Land was assigned the task of Flag removal by the CFR many years ago. He has succeeded for now. He has had some help Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, many others. It's a wonder they held out so long.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Thank you for that information. I had not been aware of that. Just one more proof of what I have long contended--that the cultural Marxists never quit.

David Reif said...

Land and another CFR zombie named Max Boot worked together writing in journals ripping the Battleflag, making it seem like it was a big movement. CFR opened the doors to the media and with the help of other Leftist groups launched the anti-flag campaign in the liberal press.

Samuel Ashwood said...

Southern Baptists ought to start singing "Give me that Marxist religion, it's good enough for me," especially Russell Moore and his type. The Lord Jesus Christ always spoke of His church as being in opposition to the world, and never gave us the right to be about the business of placating and appeasing the world, but we are to stand in opposition to it. I would not begin to equate the Confederate flag with the gospel, but the fact is that if the SBC will go along with the world on this, then they will be more than happy to compromise the gospel to win their approval as well. What the SBC is telling us is that they have more in common with modern American society, with its approval of abortion on demand, homosexuality, transgenderism, etc., than it does with their godly ancestors, who preached the unadulterated gospel to black and white, but happened to endorse the institution of slavery. Makes me wonder if anybody has ever told Russell Moore and his ilk that some of the most prominent believers in both Old Testament and New were slaveholders (Abraham, the centurion of Matthew 8, Philemon, etc.). I want nothing to do with the SBC, or any other denomination or organization which is more interested in pleasing the world than it is with preaching the gospel and honoring their ancestors.

Al Benson Jr. said...

Well said! What we are seeing is another used-to-be-Christian denomination openly traveling the road to apostasy. Watching them slide down the slippery slope may be instructional for other Christian groups so they will know what to avoid.

Esther said...

AS a Californian I watch The on going sadness of the relentless war against your history and culture. It is like a bleeding ulcer that eats away at a man. I love your culture; your such a sweet people- black and white. And oh what a history! Black and white were closer than any time in history, any where. They've changed all that so we can hate each other. There is a populist revolt taking place. Maybe people will come to their senses.

Why Land and the SBC doesn't vote against the law of God. Just come out with it. Remember Joshua 4 and the stones of remembrance? How they carried the stones from the riverbed to Gigal, set them in place for their children to remember the deliverance of God. History is providential, the work of God. This is nothing more than a war against God and His word. Ichabod! Ichabod! The glory is departing from the Southern Baptist Convention.