Monday, September 15, 2014

C'mon Joe, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

by Al Benson Jr.

No wonder the American electorate is so dumbed down, between what they don't get in public school and what they do get from "conservative" political commentators, it's small wonder they don't have a clue. Years ago someone said that the conservatives really don't conserve anything and, unfortunately, that seems to be right. Often what they end up "conserving" is what the liberals threw out last week.

I read an article on the Newsmax web site just today which was a perfect illustration. The article started out: "Talk show host Joe Scarborough expressed exasperation with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her continued teasing about whether or not she's running for president in 2016...If you're going to run, run, and give us new ideas that help us face the next 25 years..." He's got to be really naive if he expects any "new" ideas from Hillary, but then he turned around and said the same thing to Jeb Bush, his "favorite politician." He said to Jeb Bush "Hey, Jeb, if you're going to run, run,...Come on Mr. Savior of the Republican Party. If you're the savior of the Republican Party, then get out there..."

This is the kind of electoral balderdash that is supposed to bamboozle the electorate. I don't pretend to know if Mr. Scarborough is genuinely naive or if he's part of the ongoing problem. Either way the electorate is ill served and that may be the name of the game.

Both Hillary and Jeb Bush are out there promoting the charade that this is really a genuine election and they they might really be running against each other and that they might actually have some independent ideas that would help the country--if only they'd get out there and spread them around. That's the absolute last thing that will happen. All of these potential "candidates" in both parties are nothing more than political shills and their handlers ultimately will decide which of them get "nominated" to get out there and fool the public. And fooling the public is what it's really all about. It's a great big electoral dog and pony show and the public is guaranteed to get stiffed no matter who wins because, at heart, both parties are controlled by the same Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission/Bilderberger triad and so you will be fed their agenda whether you get it with Republican rhetoric or socialist Democratic rhetoric.

Hillary and Jeb, or whoever ends up running, will not present "new, original" ideas--they will do what they are told to do to further the One World Government agenda and that's all they will do--same as the Marxist playboy you presently have in there. He's only doing what he's been told to do, as were Bush, Clinton, Carter, Ford, and Reagan before him, with few exceptions, all the way back to Woodrow Wilson. All of these presidents have had "alter-egos" behind the throne giving them their marching orders. I,m not sure some of these presidents we've had are capable of coming up with an original thought. But, then, they don't have to. All they have to do is exhibit enough chutzpah to fool the public and then follow the agenda that has been laid out for them.

And with a single One World Government consortium controlling both parties the agenda is always the same no matter which party gets into office. This election will be no different, and if Mr. Scarborough really expects independent and new ideas from either candidate then I have a bridge in the Arizona desert I'd love to sell him.

If you don't think one group control both political parties then you need to get online and read None Dare Call It Conspiracy and The Rockefeller File and see if you can find The Naked Capitalist or Dan Smoot's book The Invisible Government. All of these will give you an overview of who really controls both major political parties in this country, and it sure ain't "we the people." And it's long past time that "we the people" woke up and realized that. There are lots of "conservative" pundits out there that will willingly take us 30 miles when we need to go 100, but they're not willing to admit that the last 70 miles even exists. We need to start being able to discern these fakirs from the real thing.

As far as Jeb or Hillary running for president, they will run if they are told to, and they won't if they're not. It's as simple as that. And if they don't end up running then two other puppets will be put up to woo the public into participating in another electoral charade where the outcome is already determined no matter which party "sits" in the White House.


Karl said...

Democrats and Republicans are two wings of a bird flying the WRONG way!

Al Benson Jr. said...

Again, I can't disagree. It's good for folks to realize just who is in control of both parties and trying to reform either one is like trying to reform the public school system--it ain't gonna happen.

Al Benson Jr. said...

I made note of the above article on my other blog spot
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