Friday, October 11, 2013

When All Else Fails Just Blame the South

by Al Benson Jr.

A recent article on displayed how totally asinine many of those on the theological and political left can really be.

That premier ambulance chaser, Je$$e Jack$on, claims that the continuing government shutdown has its roots in the Confederate States. Dear Je$$e tweeted: "Shutting down the US Govt. is the closest this Congress can get to seeing the Confederacy finally win." Another twitter noted that Jackson should "call out the Democratic Party for its racist past." How about doing the same thing for Abe Lincoln and the Republicans? Can't do that--Abe Lincoln is an untouchable icon and his "racist" views need to be shoved down the memory hole.

Another person labeled Jackson a "fraud" who makes money by exploiting his own people. That observation comes closer to the truth.

Folks, let's get real here. No one on either side of this entire shutdown charade has any use for the Confederacy or anything remotely Confederate. They all hate our guts, our flags, and symbols, and our history and heritage as well.

Blaming the Confederacy for this mess is just one more way of playing the race card. 

You might as well blame the Easter Bunny because all the hens quit laying Easter eggs the day before Easter. One makes as much sense as the other, but, then, the theological and political left has never been noted for their ability to make any real sense. It's a good thing the "news" media is there to cover for them.  

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