Monday, June 03, 2013

Homeschool History Series:
A real teaching alternative for Christian, Pro-Southern parents

by Al Benson Jr.

Are you tired of politically correct "histories" of the War Between the States? Want to learn the facts about its true causes, the actual events, and the people involved?

Now there is an educational program available for high schoolers and Mom's and Dads too. Composed from carefully researched facts about the War Between the States it consists of five easy-to-read mini-histories, which provide accurate and key informaton regarding the War that changed America.

Each mini-history, which includes an accompanying test, is $10.00. This includes grading of the test and return to the student if desired, with appropriate comments. You can purchase individual booklets or the entire set by sending check or money order to The Copperhead Chronicle, P O Box 55, Sterlington, Louisiana 71280.

The mini-histories include:
1. Apostasy, Abolitionism, The Civil War and Reconstruction
This explains the root causes of the War Between the States and debunks the myth about slavery as the reason for the War. Describes how the War and "Reconstruction" afterwards were designed to change our system of government into something quite different from what was envisioned by the Founders. (28 pages)

2. The Abolitionists
Spells out the theological convictions of many in the Abolitionist Movement, showing the radical abolitionism was actually a religion; a religion that was a substitute for biblical Christianity. (14 pages)

3. The Socialist Supporters of Honest Abe
This was the foundation document for the book by Al Benson Jr. and Walter D. Kennedy Lincoln's Marxists, which is available on
It reveals the almost totally covered up fact that communists, socialists, and various other European radicals totally supported Lincoln and the Union cause during the War. Several well-known Union generals were actually socialists and some were communists who came here after the failed 1848 socialist revolts in Europe. The author names names. (13 pages)

4. A Theological and Political View of the Doctrine of Secession
Beginning with the Declaration of Independence it presents a history of secessionist sentiment in the United States. Shows that up until 1860 most of the country thought that secession was a legitimate option, and not just the South! (28 pages)

5.Emancipation As Propaganda
This booklet goes into detail about what a sham the Emancipation Proclamation really was and how it was viewed by many, both here and in Europe when it was issued. 

For a limited time, all 5 booklets and tests can be purchased at a discount when purchased together at one time. Purchase of all 5 together would be $45.00, a saving of $5.00, and there is no shipping charge. 

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