Sunday, January 27, 2013

Abolish the Local Sheriff?

by Al Benson Jr.
For The Copperhead Chronicle Blog Spot

This afternoon, 1/26/13, I received an email from that dealt with a rather shocking story considering current national conditions. It started out: "A news report has quietly been making its way around the alternative media, under the radar screen, concerning a Delaware legal decision to strip county sheriffs of their arrest powers in the state." Quite naturally the prostitute press has not bothered to report this--better if the average citizen does not know this kind of thing--no embarrassing questions that way.

However, the son of Vice-President Joe Biden serves as Attorney General for the state of Delaware and he has issued a mandate to county commissioners  letting them know that the sheriffs in the three counties in Delaware no longer have arrest powers. You might think that this is not important, after all, Delaware is just a small state on the East Coast.

But--further checking reveals that there is a country-wide effort to strip county sheriffs of their enumerated powers which are mandated in the constitutions of the various states. This movement would have the net effect of abolishing county sheriff's departments and adding the power of federal law enforcement agencies. Well, gee, what a surprise!

You don't think any of this might have anything to do with some county sheriffs across the country telling the Obama administration that they will not infringe on the Second Amendment rights of the citizens in their counties do you?

Naw, couldn't be. I didn't think so either. It's just another one of those continuing coincidences that we are seeing more and more of as the Obama administration seeks to drag this country further and further into the Marxist orbit. Nothing to worry about, right? Right???

If you are one of those folks that think there might be a small problem here, make  copies of this and pass it along to your friends. Maybe even give your county sheriff a copy. Write to the editor of your local paper and tell him about it. He may not print your letter, but at least he will know that you know.      

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