Monday, December 10, 2012

"Right Wing Fascists"

by Al Benson Jr.

I remember when I was a youngster, (ancient history now) that people used to refer to Hitler as a "right-wing fascist" and they used to promote the false idea that while Stalin was on the far left, Hitler was on the far right. Now granted, Communists and fascists did not especially like one another, but the reason for that was that they were in competition for total government and no total government figure likes competition.

Of the two systems, fascism is the most efficient because the people living under it maintain the facade of owning the property, which means that they are responsible for its upkeep and the government tells they what they can or cannot do with it and when. With Communism, the state claims ownership of all property, and therefore the state is responsible for taking care of it all. So, as a totalitarian worldview fascism is more efficient.

Both Communism and fascism are different forms of total government and therefore both systems belong over on the far left of the political spectrum. That being the case, if the far left represents total government, then the far right has to mean almost no government at all--anarchy. So as far a Communism and fascism go politically, we have all been lied to--both are on the far left and both are equally reprehensible.

It shouldn't be that hard to figure out, yet how many people really stop to think about it? Most just accept what they've heard all their lives and never give it a thought. You'd think that civics or political science classes in public schools would deal with something as elementary as this, yet in school I don't ever recall hearing anything about this and I was in school during some of the Cold War years, graduating back in 1956.

I recall briefly seeing some of the McCarthy hearings on television and not paying them any mind. I wish I had had the perception back then to realize what it was all about. I never heard anything about both Communism and fascism being on the political left until I heard a speaker in 1970 give a talk on different systems of government.

I wondered why this mystery was never cleared up until I realized that it was deliberate. The politicians and news-twisters we call the "news" media wanted it that way. They wanted Hitler portrayed as a right-winger so that people on the right politically could be smeared with the Nazi identity brush. Mostly it worked.

So, folks, remember this brief little political history lesson--both Communism and fascism are way over there on the far left politically--and theologically--because they are both totalitarian theologies..

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