Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gun Control In Obamaworld (It's good for the economy)

by Al Benson Jr.

In the convoluted environs of Obamaworld, where sodomy and abortion are hailed as daring and courageous, while Christian virtue and purity are denigrated, gun control is a sign of a healthy economy.

This may sound a bit off-the-wall to normal folks, but, then, you have to understand the mindset of the denizens of Obamaworld and those they front for. Like Marxists, they just don't think like ordinary people. In Ohamaworld there are two classes of people; the criminal class, consisting of both politicians and common criminals, and normal, honest citizens, who, according to the criminal class, live only as sheep to be sheared. Or, as the Mexican bandit said in the movie "The Magnificent Seven" about fifty years ago now--"If God did not want them sheared He would not have made them sheep." Not that I agree with that statement, but it does seem to express the mentality and worldview of criminals, political and otherwise.

I guess we should try to understand this situation from the criminal's perspective. If common crooks break into someone's house and that someone happens to be armed, they might get hurt, even dead in some cases, as recently happened in a nearby city here in Louisiana, where a burglar broke into a house that happened to be inhabited by a deputy sheriff. According to the odd logic of the inhabitants of Obamaworld, the deputy should have thrown down his gun, begged for mercy, and immediately retreated to hide in the nethermost part of his abode. Instead, heartless beast that he was, the deputy shot the burglar. I am sure the ACLU will attempt to find some way to nail the deputy's hide to the judicial wall while trying simultaneously to find a way to reward the burglar posthumously for his courageous act against the "establishment" and in behalf of "the people." You see, in Obamaworld, it's just not nice to resist evil, only good. You know how it is--evil is good, slavery is freedom, and all that.

When Obama ran for president he told the cheering masses he didn't want to take their guns away from them. Since his administration is on record for trying all manner of ways to discourage people from exercising their Second Amendment rights, you have to wonder just who he was talking to when he said he didn't want to take away "our" guns. Who were the "our" he was addressing? Certainly not everyday, honest citizens. He'd confiscate their guns in a heartbeat if he could finagle a way to do it. Not to worry, though, his secretary of state is working of that little problem. The plan is to curtail the Second Amendment via the United Nations, which I'm sure they've been instructed to do by their handlers. As for Obama, he is little more than an empty suit waiting to be filled with the rhetoric of those who really give the orders.

You also have to grasp the fact that the criminal class usually doesn't want to work for a living. That's why they go into politics, robbery or larceny. It's much easier to rip other people off than to sweat all day doing honest work, and to do that, the crooks need firearms for their line of "work." And their work is much easier if they don't have to face any armed resistance (healthier too). So gun control laws work just great for the criminals, and the political crooks who are their kissin' cousins, try to make sure there is as much gun control as possible in as many places as possible. After all, if common crooks can't burgle or rob, how will they make ends meet? But if they can steal and plunder with no armed resistance, why then, they can usually make a go of it financially, and, as they peddle their stolen goods to those who will fence those goods for them and resell them, they have made their fair contribution to the Obamanite economy. See how well this all works--if we can just get more gun control.

Those politicians who loudly howl and protest about crime in the streets, and the need to take honest people's guns away to "prevent crime" are well aware of how this dog and pony show works. Most of them are far less concerned with "crime in the streets" than they are about their criminal friends meeting armed resistance as they labor to redistribute our wealth. In Obamaworld, redistribution of the wealth is really where it's at. You say that sounds Marxist? The "news" media will tell you that is pure coincidence!

Our honestly-earned wealth needs to be redistributed to the criminal class, both political and common, while the "news" media continues to inform us that we should all be thankful to be able to pay our "fair share" to keep the current (or past) corrupt and tyrannical regime going. After all, if you can't trust your government.....?

Since a good friend once told me I was ancient, you can bet I have heard all this before--over and over. I've even heard some folks in churches tell me about how our "contributions" to the IRS are our "fair share" which we should gladly pay for the privilege of being stiffed by the politicians. I wish I could at least say the politicians stiffed us with a bit of class, but I can't even say that. They can't even get a forged birth certificate done right!

And don't think for one minute that the political criminals in Washington really heard your protests or felt your pain before the 2010 elections. Such belief qualifies you for a $100 gift certificate from the Easter Bunny for a hunk of green cheese off the moon--after the purple cow jumps over it! All you have to do is to look at the results we've had since the election to realize that the political criminals are laughing all the way to the bank--your bank--as they siphon off anything you might have left. Congress is already getting set to raise the debt limit, again, the next of many such ongoing raises, and they're looking for ways that enable the Republicans to go right along with this without appearing to do so. Undoubtedly they will find such if they haven't already. Political criminals are not only Democrats. Look at Lincoln!

Needless to say, it's past time that people in this country, most especially in the churches, woke up and realized how they (and their grandchildren) are being and will be fleeced. But, given past performances in my lifetime, I ain't holding my breath until that happens.

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