Sunday, May 01, 2011

Folks, Here’s Obama’s “Genuine” Birth Certificate--after two years of hiding it

Folks, Here’s Obama’s “Genuine” Birth Certificate--after two years of hiding it

By Al Benson Jr. and Daniel Benson

We’ve been reading for almost two years now about the fact that Obama was pointedly ignoring requests for a real birth certificate to be released. In fact he spent around $2 million making sure none of his records were released, right on down to Kindergarten.

WorldNet Daily made a big splash about the fact that you couldn’t find any information on this individual that currently resides in the Red (White) House and they even paid to put billboards up around the country asking pointedly “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” Others picked up on this and ran with it also. No response from our Marxist-in-Chief except an occasional sneer, which he’s pretty good at.

Then along came Donald Trump, supposedly running for president, probably as a RINO. He started complaining about Obama’s lack of a valid birth certificate, and lo and behold, Obama shoves one out this past week. Trump claims credit for getting one posted when no one else could.

However, looking at the Great One’s new “authentic” birth certificate, it seems that there are some problems with it. For instance, line 9 on the certificate lists Obama’s father’s race as “African.” Slightly ambiguous. What about white folks born in Africa? Aren’t they Africans too. If they and their families have lived in Africa then they should qualify as African also. Besides, in 1961, when this new, “genuine” birth certificate was supposed to have been issued they would have used the term Negro or black instead of African.

On line 7, his birthplace is listed as Honolulu, Hawaii. Back in 1961 they listed the particular island you were born on, which was Oahu. Other birth certificates issued around the same time list Oahu as the birthplace, not Hawaii.

The Dept. of Health number on his birth certificate is a higher number than that on the birth certificate of children born the day after he was. These numbers are issued sequentially, so his number should have been lower, not higher.

We’ve read several comments from folks who work with photography and several claim his birth certificate has been “photo shopped” a process whereby date is erased from a document and other material added on via a transparency and the whole thing is then photographed over again with the new information showing up instead of the old. Different sources gave us about fifteen different things wrong with this new “genuine” Obama birth certificate.

The conclusion, overall, is that Obama has done nothing to quell the fuss over his birth certificate. Rather he’s added fuel to the fire. That, plus the fact that it wasn’t very well done. Federal forgers should have been able to do a much better job than whoever churned out this piece of work.

But now the liberal media can assure us that we have what we wanted and that it was all much ado about nothing. Either the media and the president think the American people are totally stupid, or there was some other reason for this “genuine” birth certificate to appear when it did. Is its timely appearance really timely, or is it a sort of subtle attention-getter?

Is it possible that all the fuss over the birth certificate, pro and con, right now is a device to cover up something else the administration might be wanting to slip in, under the radar, so to speak?

Last week we read an article posted on that mentioned the possibility of Donald Trump being connected to Obama’s puppeteer, George Soros. In part, the article stated: “In December 2001 the New York Post mentioned a private party hosted by Roubini and Oliver Stone, George Soros and Donald Trump.” Recently when Glenn Beck asked Trump about George Soros, Trump replied “Forget Soros. Leave him alone. He’s got enough problems…let’s talk about somebody else, sweetheart.”

Yet now, along comes Trump and Obama practically jumps out of his skin to get a “genuine” birth certificate out there for the gullible public. Baby, something smells rotten--and it ain’t in Denmark. Trump, Soros, Obama--we’ve got a hunch something is going on that the American people need to be aware of and are not looking for, thanks to all the hoopla about the birth certificate.


Karl said...

Good insight.

Angel said...

Excellent article. Gives a lot to think about.I knew there had to be a reason for only Trump being aloud to bring this up in the open on National TV, and not be 'taken out' for it as anyone else would have been. I have a copy of the real BC from Kenya and it has all the govt stamps, seals and signatures and also has his baby foot print. It also shows the birth registration as well with all the proper signatures and seals. NO one has disqualified this one as yet and it was the very first one ever put out there over 3 years ago from the Middle East, as well has Obama/Soetoro's ancestry that shows he cannot legally claim to be Negro; he is almost half Arab and he is half white! His father does not even have the legal required amount of Negro in him to claim it as a race; he is also almost totally Arab. Obama/Soetoro has an agenda that requires the USE of our Negro Americans, so he has been pretending to be Negro (the legal title of that race). "black" is basically the 'new' title being given in order to blend all Negroes into the same agenda which is the Communist agenda without them even realizing it. It just makes them feel like they "belong" to something special, which is the ploy it is intended to use to draw them in and use that label. Such as the Black Panthers, a Communist org that Obama/Soetoro backs and allows to do whatever they choose no matter how illegal it is. So in truth, when someone uses the 'black' title, they are referring to the Communist agenda. Most Negroes do not realize this since Obama/Soetoro has made race such an issue from day one. It's his way to draw all Negroes to HIM and make him a part of HIS agenda. 'Black' is just a color and there are many 'Blacks' all over the world from different countries, but using that title alone makes them ALL ONE, which is the OWG goal. When anyone uses the term "African America" they are saying that person was born in Africa no matter what color their skin is. There are many white Africans as well born there. Whenever anyone uses a nation as part of he title for a person, they are saying that person was BORN IN THAT NATION ! It has nothing to do with the color of their skin. The media needs this lesson. Of course when Obama is called an "African American" it says he was born in Africa, which he was, but the American part is wrong since he is NOT an American in any sense of the word.