Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Those Political Parties

by Daniel Benson

Two political parties, though really the same,
Many voters they can claim.
Yet no difference in my view,
Though the parties, they say, are two.
Socialists they claim abound,
Yet they forget to look around.

Many people they call friend
Still are socialists to the end.
Senator Arlen Spector wanted to switch,
Yet when they're the same, which is which?
So to the masses I proclaim
Is this thought of "two" not just insane?

When two parties "differences" they desire,
Yet to do the same things they conspire.
So I ask, just what they find true,
Since they can't make out red or blue.
These parties that say they are two
Really are one when brought into view.

To the politicians this I say,
"Please, why don't you go away?"
Liars, cheaters, that's what most are.
This I can see from afar.
Government small should be,
Nationally or locally.

So wake up America!
Your government's taking your freedoms to task,
And how long will this country last?
Part of a one-world government I will not be.
Politicians take our kids away
And public schools mold them into slaves of clay.

Health reform is just a joke,
Your new doctor may be English country folk.
Your car will make its way, the ocean to cross,
While China,Yugoslavia, and Africa await your loss.
So little time and money you see,
But voters next year we may not be.

So to end my political rant,
When honest politicians are oh, so scant,
America again may never be,
Except as part of the Communist tree.

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