Friday, December 14, 2007

REPARATIONS--By and for the Black Marxists

by Al Benson Jr.

Earlier this year a legislative committee in Missouri studied the feasibility of issuing an apology from the state of Missouri for slavery. One more state victim of the "apology for slavery" craze that seems to be infecting the country this year, with erstwhile legislators weeping huge crocodile tears for something that happened before their great grandfathers were even born. And, too, the crocodile tears might help with the black vote! At any rate, for whatever reason, Missouri did not act on this apology and thus has not yet had its golden opportunity to sit on the black racists' "stool of everlasting repentance" as other states have done.

But not to worry, the black racists are now back, with their white quislings, again ready to parade their guilt trip for whitey so he will yet have one more chance to grovel in the presence of their rabid ethnocentrism.

A recent article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch noted that: "A formal apology by Missouri for slavery is a necessary step in overcoming social and economic inequities suffered by many of its black citizens, speakers told a special legislative committee Tuesday." They failed to stipulate how an apology for the slavery of 150 years ago would economically benefit blacks in Missouri today, but then, I guess we are not supposed to ask that question are we?

The article continued: "White supremacy has had far-reaching implications on race relations up to this day," said Jamala Rogers, a "veteran civil rights activist" with the Organization for Black Struggle.

Just out of mild curiosity, I did a little digging to see what I could find out about Jamala Rogers. Seems she is the National Organizer for a friendly little group called the Black Radical Congress. This group has what it calls a "freedom agenda" which is quite revelatory. Among their projects are "...laws mandating public ownership of utilities" (in Marxist terms that means the state owns them). And they also seek "...a fair equitable, highly progressive tax system..." And they claim that they will "...struggle to ensure that all people in society receive free public education" and not for their younger years only, but throughout their lifetimes. You see, the indoctrination must continue beyond the high school years to be effective. Anyone who has ever read Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto should go back and look at it again and you will find all these things listed in it as part of Marx's program for communizing a country. This "freedom agenda" is Marxist to the core. Other things they wish to do are to abolish the death penalty and establish "civilian review boards" to monitor the police forces--both projects promoted by the Communists in recent decades. They will also, so they claim, "...fight against homophobia and (they) support anti-homophobic instruction in public schools." That means, in plain English, that they get the right to teach your kids that homosexuality is perfectly okay. Oh, and by the way, they also claim they will fight for black reparations. All of these things have, at one point or another, been part and parcel of the Marxist program for this country and apparently still will be if these people have their way. And since no one seems to be opposing them at this point, it does make you wonder.

The Post Dispatch article also mentioned one Zaki Baruti, "another veteran activist" who voiced his unstinting support for reparations. Not be be outdone my Ms. Rogers, Mr. Baruti is the President/General of the Universal African Peoples Organization. Part of their program is to: "Support African-centered curriculum in the public schools. Control local public school boards with Afrocentric thinking people." Sounds as if, with their mindset, there will be no room nor purpose in schools for anyone except blacks. It would seem that Mr. Baruti is a subscriber to the "all whites are racist" fiction and his solution is to replace white racism with black racism--which is, of course, okay, since black racism is allowed and white racism isn't.

Looking over this Post Dispatch article, you may well be tempted to think that St. Louis is chock full of black Marxist groups. And it does seem as if they are mostly the ones screaming and howling about apologies for slavery and reparations. Too bad the "news" media didn't see fit to give us a little info about these people and the groups they belong to. If I could find out this bit of info on these worthy Left-wing individuals you can bet the news people could have too. Simply calling them "veteran activists" really tells the reading public nothing, and I'm sure that's the intention. You can bet your boots that if someone over on the political Right were proposing some project the media would be out en mass, digging up all the dirt they could find on him and his family all the way back to Henry the Eighth! But with the black Marxists you don't have to worry about that. Their ideologies will never be mentioned by the media people--the public really doesn't need to know--that way they will never realize they should be in opposition to what these people are trying to do and life will go on and on, the Marxists will eventually get what they want and the brainwashed public will never wonder.


James said...

Al, I think you may have missed a couple of things here.

First, an apology isn't supposed to address economic inequities directly, of course. Even this first step, though, would help with social inequality, by clarifying the role that our public institutions played in slavery.

Furthermore, it's true that no one alive today was responsible for slavery, but quite a few were intimately involved in the century of discrimination, segregation, and Jim Crow laws which followed. And many of our institutions, including the State of Missouri and its legislature, directly supported slavery and legalized discrimination.

I won't even touch your argument that because Marxists support this progressive legislation, it must somehow be Marxist in nature.

But I will note that there are plenty of moderate and liberal voices (and more than a few conservative ones, too) calling for the government to finally acknowledge the full harm which slavery and discrimination caused, and which elements of society were behind it.

Thanks for listening.


Al Benson Jr. said...


Thank you for a reasoned reply to my article. I can see that you and I have considerable differences but at least yours were expressed in a reasonable manner, something I have not always experienced. I had a friend in Illinois that was black, an assistant pastor in his church. He and I had many interesting discussions about slavery, the War Between the States and such "touchy" issues, yet we were always able to talk with one another with no one getting mad. We didn't always agree, but that wasn't the important thing. What was important was that we were able to sit and dialogue with each other.

My problem in my article was partly that the programs of the organizations these people are part of are Marxist in origin. As I suggested, check out the Communist Manifesto and see what Marx says about taxes, public schools, etc. and you will see strong similarities.

Al Benson

James said...

Thanks for taking such a positive tone!

I think I can understand why you find it so troubling when unreasonable people espouse a cause.

But I believe you're doing a disservice to those who support an apology when you dismiss it because of the support of Marxists. As I'm sure you're aware, Marxists in the U.S. have supported most progressive social policies of the last century.

Would you have opposed the civil rights movement of the 1960s, for instance, on the grounds that Marxists strongly backed that cause? I would hope not.

Now, you raise a separate issue when you suggest that these Marxists belong to organizations whose programs are partly Marxist in inspiration. That's true, but hardly a surprise.

The major organizations behind the movement for slavery apologies and similar causes are not Marxist in origin or inspiration. You're simply noting that the local paper dredged up quotes from activists with Marxist backgrounds. Those organizations are not the driving force behind this legislation.

I suspect you're quite right, though, that we would disagree about many issues, if only because of your comment that the U.S. Civil War (the "War Between the States") is still, to you, a "touchy issue" a century and a half later. I tend to regard that conflict and its causes -- slavery, economics, the expansion of the nation, etc. -- as dead issues at this point.



Darrell said...

That was a great article, I will not and would not bend over and take it 'you know where' if they asked, demanded or sued for it. They arn't owed a copper penny for what 'might' have happened years and years before them or I were even a glimmer in our daddys eyes. If they want money they need to do what I do and get off of their lazy aces and work.

James said...


I'll grant you that no one is owed anything simply because of what happened to their ancestors. But I think you're missing the point of the effort to combat the lingering effects of slavery and discrimination in this nation.

Do you really believe that there's been a level playing field in this country?

Do you really think that the average black has so much less income and wealth than the average white because of his laziness (and your strong work ethic)?

Would you really have achieved equality by now, if your ancestors had been enslaved for generations, freed with nothing but the clothes on their blacks, and then suffered legalized discrimination for another century?