Saturday, September 17, 2005

The South

by Daniel Benson

A history student went to the South
Learned about the red and the gray
Had to learn it by word of mouth
'Cause no school would tell it that way

Understood some of what he was told
Listened carefully to each soul
Realized the truth never gets old
Decided learning wasn't a toll

Wished the truth would come out
And pledged to teach it by word of mouth
Realized this fight would be a big bout
For each one who will listen and will not pout

As they really learn what went on in the South
Told lies in each school they attended
Yet, taught only by word of mouth
A lie was mended.


Powermoon said...

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Al Benson Jr. said...

Thanks for your positive comments. Lord willing, I plan to continue to keep on blogging. There's lots of history to get out there for interested folks.

Al Benson Jr.