Friday, July 16, 2004

THE POT CALLS THE KETTLE BLACK (Condemn others, elevate yourself)

by Al Benson Jr.

The NAACP, often called by some "The National Association of Always Complaining People" held its 2004 annual convention in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. The national chairman, Julian Bond was on hand to, in the name of racial diversity, fuel the fires of racial agitation.

Bond took the obligatory swipe at the Bush administration. Every Left-wing political group is expected to take a shot at the Republicans. Whether they really mean it or not is another thing, but they are expected to do it just about as much as fleas are expected to infest a hound dog. It's part of the political game, and it fools a lot of people into voting Republican who should know better. They automatically reason that "anybody the NAACP is against I'm for" and so they take the bait. Please don't think that I am endorsing the Republicans. I have no use whatever for either of the two main political parties, which are, after all, just two different branches on the same tree of internationalism.

However, Bond said of the Republicans "They preach racial neutrality and practice racial division." Now that is really a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I've never noted that Mr. Bond has been any great defender of racial unity. The various groups he has belonged to have caused as much agitation between the races as anyone could hope to--and therein lies the real name of the game. None of these demagogues, Bond, Sharpton, Jackson, or any of the rest could make a living if there were no contention between the races. Racial animosity is their middle name and their meal ticket.

Bond also ranted that "They write an new constitution for Iraq, and they ignore the Constitution here at home." That statement is true, but on the other hand, I have never noticed Mr. Bond being any great champion and defender of the United States Constitution in the past.

In fact, Bond's political career has been a rather checkered, Left-leaning affair over the decades. The book "The Biographical Dictionary of the Left--Volume 2", by Francis X. Gannon (Western Islands Publishing, 1969) carries a whole section on Mr. Bond and his political affiliations. Mr. Gannon notes that Bond started his career in 1960 as a "racial agitator." Gannon continued: "Out of that experience he co-founded the Committee on Appeal for Human Rights, which soon merged with the racist and revolutionary Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNICK), a creation of Martin Luther King Jr."

In 1966, according to Mr. Gannon "Bond participated in the Communists 'National Guardian' forum on politics and policy. He became co-chairman of the National Conference for New Politics, a classical united front third party movement largely controlled by the Communist Party."

And Gannon further noted that: "In March 1967, The Southern Conference Educational Fund held a dinner in honor of Bond. (The SCEF was the successor to the Southern Conference for Human Welfare, which had been a very active Communist front. Bond became a member of the board of SCEF)." The "Joint Legislative Committee on Un-American Activities" for the state of Louisiana, in 1964, published what has become known in conservative circles as "The Louisiana Report." This report detailed the activities of several Communist front organizations, one of which was the Southern Conference Educational Fund. So it would seem that Mr. Bond, in openly criticizing others for ignoring the United States Constitution, has had no trouble over the years in being associated with groups that would not object in the least to overthrowing the Constitution and all the governing principles this country was found upon. That being the case, it would seem that Bond's "concern" over others ignoring the Constitution is more than a little hypocritical.

Bond also has been a big fan of the reparations for slavery foolishness that has swept parts of black America. He said: "The churches seemed like the best place to begin." He feels that American blacks "want it (money)and need it--the churches have it. I don't think the churches are the only ones." Mr. Gannon also noted that Bond felt that American industy and businesses should pony up with reparations cash too. It would seem that Jesse Jackson and others have, in the past few years, taken their cue from Bond's original demands.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a black pastor, has written a book called "SCAM--How the black leadership exploits black America." Rev. Peterson has told us of Mr. Bond that: "During the late 60s, Bond traveled to various college campuses and spoke out against the Vietnam War, declaring it 'racist.' He also spoke in black churches to begin the drumbeat for 'reparations' from whites for slavery. In his speeches he declared that capitalism wasn't the answer for blacks. The answer, he claimed, was a form of community socialism, where each member in a black neighborhood would have a say in who gets how much money and from whom." I submit that Mr. Bond is no dummy. He ought to know that socialism has never worked for any period of time anywhere. But, if you can talk enough people into it, and they never seem to get quite enough out of it, then you can make a fat living blaming other people for the problems you have created yourself.

Julian Bond is a prime example of what Rev. Peterson is talking about when he refers to black leadership exploiting its own people. And the NAACP is so busy fussing over Confederate symbols that just don't have any extra time to deal with such unimportant issues as black illiteracy or poverty. Those kind of issues wouldn't make new headlines and they aren't where the cash is. You might almost say that, with people like Julian Bond as "friends" of the black community, who needs enemies???

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