Sunday, June 13, 2004


by Al Benson Jr.

Professor Thomas DiLorenzo, author of the excellent book "The Real Lincoln" which is reported now to have around 75,000 copies sold, has passed along to us much valuable information on Mr. Lincoln that you can just bet will never make the "history" books for the brainwashed in the government's re-education camps people mistakenly refer to as public schools.

In a recent article on, Professor DiLorenzo gave much documentation on Lincoln's economic policies that people never find out about.

Professor DiLorenzo informed us that: "Lincoln was an advocate of a central bank that could print paper or fiat money that was not necessarily redeemable in gold or silver. Central banking was the third plank of the Lincolnian/Mercantilist agenda which, along with the protectionist Morrill tariff and corporate welfare for railroad corporations, was put into place during the Lincoln administration with the National Currency Acts...Lincoln's banking legislation was the precursor to the Fed, and all the monetary instability Americans have suffered because of it."

This is interesting information, something you simply will not get most places. Lincoln was an advocate of a central banking system. So was Karl Marx. Lincoln advocated a banking system that could print basically fiat money that you would not necessarily be able to redeem for gold or silver. That's exactly the same way our federal reserve notes operate today.

DiLorenzo, taking information from the book by Jeffery Hummel, "Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men" has told us that "the pre-Lincoln American banking system that existed roughly from 1845-1862, known as the 'free banking era' was arguably the most stable banking system in American history despite all of its flaws and imperfections (which exist in all banking systems). Central banking introduced the instability of inflation that only fiat currency that is not backed by gold or silver can create."

Over the years many conservatives have lauded Lincoln for his monetary policies and gotten quite angry at those who would dare to attack their patron saint. One conservative publication, back in the 1990s actually had to request of one of its columnists that he stop writing articles exposing the truth about Lincoln because that expose' was costing the owner of the publication the partiotic subscribers he needed to make a living from the publication. It is a pretty sad state of affairs when the conservatives and the patriots get mad at those who tell them the truth. It reminds one of the old question from the Scriptures "Am I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?" In some patriotic circles the answer to that question today is a resounding "yes!!!"

Professor DiLorenzo and others in our day have turned up a wealth of information exposing the "great emancipator" for what he really was, just another socialist-minded, grasping, pragmatic politician, who was quite adept at quoting Scripture to fool the uninitiated who listened to his speeches. And it must have worked, because the trend has continued and is continuing in our day, and the government school-educated sheeple never question any of it. It gives new meaning to that car bumpersticker that says "The brainwashed never wonder."

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